Quick answer: The rarest, most valuable Pokemon Gold cards come from the Gold Star Espeon and Umbreon Series 5 Pokemon card sets, as well as the Gold Star Holo card edition. Collectors can buy Espeon or Umbreon cards individually, but when sold together, the price can go as high as 30,000 USD. The cards can be even more expensive if the demand and marketplace change, which it definitely does. Other Pokemon Gold cards, including the Gold Star Holo edition, can be sold for several thousand dollars. The Gold Star Holo was sold in mint or perfect condition for 40,000 USD, alongside the Umbreon Gold Star Holo card which was sold for 70,000 USD at an online auction.

Pokemon is one of those things we all grew up with and nowadays revisit because of the huge demand for rare, vintage cards. The new generation of Pokemon fans unfortunately hasn’t been a part of that nostalgic journey through the first few seasons of Poekom that happened almost 20 years ago. But, Pokemon still has fans, even with the new (and rather changed) seasons and episodes, including the new and improved Pokemon.

Nevertheless, what the old and the new Pokemon fans all agree on is that those who have rare gold cards are truly lucky. Why? Well, those cards are quite legendary, and with that comes high value and the possibility to make tons of money.

If you’re wondering which Pokemon cards are truly the most valuable (because you want to either buy or sell them), you’re in the right place. We won’t just show you the cards and call it a day; we also want to talk about the history of these cards and the scams one can easily fall into. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Pokemon Gold Cards – Explained

What Are Pokemon Gold Cards?

Now, we all know what regular Pokemon cards are, and what they look like. What many don’t know is that the Pokemon Company released limited card editions throughout the past 20 years, including the collector’s gold cards. These cards are covered in a gold holofoil and are referred to as the ‘secret rare’ category of limited edition cards.

Ever since the first appearance of a Pokemon gold card in 2013 (a card that was included in the Black & White – Legendary Treasure set), fans became obsessed with finding more of these cards, for collecting or selling. Nevertheless, there have been only a few of these cards and they’re still super rare.

It is believed that there are only a few of these rare gold Pokemon cards out there, however, there are some speculations about the exact number as people have different definitions of what makes a Pokemon card a golden one. Throughout the history of the Pokemon cards, there have been different limited editions available to the public, and some fans find cards from these limited edition sets to all be ‘golden’. Others simply refer to the actual gold-covered Pokemon cards to be the truly rare ones.

Rare Gold Pokemon Cards Value

To better understand the craze surrounding these cards, let’s take a quick look into the history of the Pokemon limited edition gold card series and observe the value of these cards;

  • Gold Pokemon Card – this card was released as a celebration of the 20 years of the Pokemon Company. The card was made from 11g of 24k gold and comes with its own box and acrylic stand – super fancy, even for Pokemon. The card is incredibly rare and at the time it was released, it cost 2000 USD. Nowadays, its price goes into the 5 digits.
  • Gold Star Espeon and Umbreon Series 5 Pokemon Cards – these cards are not only incredibly rare, but they’re also super expensive. If you want to buy this card, get ready to pay up to 30,000 USD (according to the latest auction prices). Some sellers even sell the cards for 30, 000 USD a piece, while others sell both Umbreon and Espeon cards for the same amount.
  • Rayquaza Gold Star Holo Ex Deoxys – this card was first released in 2005, and when its perfect condition, can be sold for up to 40,000 USD. It is considered to be ultra rare and it is valued for the card strength and the art displayed on the card.
  • Umbreon Gold Star Holo Pokemon Card – this card was originally released in 2005, and it is only one of the two cards that have ever received the BGS of 9.5 (Beckett Grading Services), making it the gold standard for card collecting. In 2020, one such card was sold at an auction for a whopping 70,000 USD.

Now, these are only the Pokemon gold limited edition cards and card sets. There are many other limited edition single cards or card sets that we haven’t even mentioned. Some of the other rare Pokemon cards can be sold even for hundreds of thousands of dollars. For example, the first edition Shadowless Holographic Charizard card, in its mint condition, was sold for 370,000 USD. Another card, the Pikachu 1998 Illustrator card was sold for 375,000 USD in 2021.

Now, these prices aren’t the average or standard prices for rare Pokemon cards. The majority of these cards can be found in poor condition, with messy edges, scratches, or other damage that simply comes with time, especially if the card wasn’t protected in a box or cover. Such cards are, nevertheless, still pretty pricey, and can cost up to 5,000 USD. Some cards are sold for significantly less, which usually means they’re fake.

Which Pokemon Gold Cards are The Rarest and Most Valuable?

Here are some of the alleged super rare and super valuable Pokemon gold cards that you can potentially find in booster card sets or buy online. These are the average costs of the mint condition cards available on online marketplaces (Mavin.io); bear in mind that in mint condition, these cards can cost up to 20,000 USD.

5 Regirock Star Ultra Rare Gold Star Crad Average 500 USD
4 Alakazam Star Ultra Rare Celebi Star Card Average 500 USD
3 Pikachu Star Ultra Rare Gold Star Crad Average 2000 USD
2 Mudkip Star Ultra Rare Gold Star Card Average 2000 USD
1 Umbreon Star Ultra Rare Gold Star Card Average 15,000 USD

5. Regirock Star – Legend Maker Ultra Rare Gold Star Card

Regirock Star – Legend Maker Ultra Rare Gold Star Card

Regirock Star card is a part of the Legend maker Pokemon Gold card set, alongside Regice and Registeel. The card is popular because the Pokemon has small attack power generally, but if it’s the only Pokemon in the game, the attack power changes, and the Pokemon becomes the strongest in the game.

The Pokemon inflicts a lot of damage and it’s excellent if you simply want to dominate and win a Pokemon match. On average, the Regirock Star Pokemon Gold card sells for up to 500 USD, but the price quickly increases to 4 or 5 digits, depending on the condition of the card.

4. Alakazam Star – Crystal Guardians Ultra Rare Gold Star Card

Alakazam Star Crystal Guardians Ultra Rare Gold Star Card

Alakazam Star card is a part of the Crystal Guardians cards set and is one of the rarest Gold cards out there. It is also one of the Shiny Pokemon, which means the card shifts its color from subtle brown to light purple when you tilt it. The card also features a Shiny Alakazam and has a special set of skills, including the Skill Copy. On average, this card can be sold for around 500 USD, but the price increases depending on the condition of the card.

3. Pikachu Star – Holon Phantoms Ultra Rare Gold Card

Pikachu Star Holon Phantoms Ultra Rare Gold Card

Pikachu Star is one of the Shiny Pokemon gold cards, and it itself is simply legendary. Because of this legendary status, and the fact that it is ultra rare, this card can be sold for thousands of dollars. It is one of those cards every Pokemon fan wants to have in their decks. The card itself is super powerful, with interesting attack and skill options (including the Thundershocks, and Sprink Back abilities). On average, this card is sold for 2000 USD, so it is definitely a pricey investment.

2. Mudkip Star – Team Rocket Returns Ultra Rare Gold Card

Mudkip Star Team Rocket Returns Ultra Rare Gold Card

Mudkip Star is the only card that doesn’t belong to the Shiny Pokemon collection. That is because of the coloration of the card, being slightly opposed to the Shiny Pokemon version of Mudkip. Nevertheless, this is the exact thing that makes this card ultra rare and a true collector’s piece. Sure, this is probably the only reason to justify the incredibly high price of this card, which is around 2000 USD on average, but it is definitely for the die-hard Pokemon fans.

1. Umbreon Star – POP Series 5 Ultra Rare Gold Card

Umbreon Star POP Series 5 Ultra Rare Gold Card

If there’s a truly rare and legendary Pokemon card, then it is the Umbreon Star Gold Poekom card. Because it is incredibly rare and limited in production and release, this card can cost up to 20,000 USD (records shows that this card has been sold for 70,000 USD as well). The card looks incredible, and it is definitely made for the die-hard fans out there.

The Pokemon inflicts significant damage to the opponent in a duel, and once during your turn, if the Umbreon Star is in the game, you can choose 1 card from your opponent’s hand, without looking, and discard it.

How To Get a Pokemon Gold Card?

For those not willing to spend thousands of dollars on Poekom cards, relying on luck is the best option. Allegedly, these rare Pokemon cards are hidden in card sets available for purchase at different prices (depending on your location and region, or depending on the online marketplace). Now, because we don’t have the exact number of the cards that have been released and are available for purchase, it is speculated that the majority of the Gold cards people find or buy are actually fake.

Printing and selling Pokemon gold cards has become a lucrative business, and many seem to fall for the fake cards, even buying them for thousands of dollars. So, getting your hands on a Pokemon Gold card, a genuine one, is nowadays only possible if you buy it from a respectable seller, for a really high price.

But, if you do want to buy a Pokemon Gold Crad, how can you know if it’s fake or real? Here are some things to keep in mind and look for;

  • If a card has spelling errors, grammatical errors, or the word Pokémon without the accent over the e, then you’re looking at an obvious fake gold card.
  • If the card has any other iteration of the word Pokémon, like ‘Pocket Monster’, ‘Moster’, etc., you’re looking at a fake card.
  • As of 2021, no Pokémon card has an HP higher than 340; so, if your card has an HP or attach value higher than 1000 or more, you’re looking at a fake card.
  • If the back of the card doesn’t have a clear line border, or if there’s the so-called bleeding between the border and the rest of the card color, it is probably a fake card.
  • Overall, fake Pokémon gold cards have a washed-out color to them and don’t have that heftiness to them.
  • Other red flags include; wrong fonts, wrong energy symbols or wrong symbol size, the wrong set of symbols or numbers, card foiling (the card shouldn’t be foiled), weight different, the thinness of the card, messy edges, etc.

The best way to get a genuine Pokémon card is to buy it at registered, reliable online auctions and sales. If you’re lucky, you can find a Pokémon gold card in any Pokémon TCG booster pack, but this is generally an endless hunt where’ll you simply end up spending and wasting money.

Online marketplaces, like eBay, are still the best place to buy single, rare cards. We also recommend you check out the following websites: POKÉMON TRADING CARDS UKForbidden Planet, or Pokemon center. We don’t recommend you buy cards from sites like AliExpress, or even Amazon. The majority of Pokemon cards sold on these sites are fake, so your chance of getting scammed is pretty high.

Final Thoughts

The Pokemon Gold cards are truly made for die-hard Pokemon fans and are rare collector’s pieces worth having or at least knowing about. They are also incredible pieces of contemporary entertainment, with this incredible sense of nostalgia for the older fans, as well as the new fans.

If you’d like to own one of these incredibly rare Gold cards, we recommend you check out the online marketplaces (those we’ve listed previously), and maybe try your luck by buying the booster card packs. Either way, stay away from the scammy site and try to educate yourself as much as possible about the originals and red flags. We wish you good luck and may you find your own rare Gold card!

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