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Chronicle Collectibles is your ultimate destination for antique and collectibles enthusiasts.

Our curated selection of items ranges from rare artifacts to creative Indoor Fountain Stones & Sea Glass, all carefully chosen to strike the perfect balance between indulging in an expensive hobby and making a smart investment.

Explore our collection and discover treasures of the past that are sure to become valuable investments for the future.

Rediscover American History with Old US Coins

Experience American history firsthand with our wide selection of antique and vintage US coinage. From Colonial era hammered coins to turn of the century commemoratives, our inventory allows you to hold pieces of the past in your hands. Collect iconic designs like Flying Eagle cents, Liberty Head nickels, and Mercury dimes. Explore the frontier with Gold Rush era denominations. Or commemorate key moments in time with the classic US commemorative series. We hand-select each coin for quality, appeal, and historic significance to aid your journey through the annals of American numismatics. Let these coins transport you back to the events and eras that shaped a nation. At Chronicle Collectibles, US coins are more than just currency – they are tangible connections to the people, places, and ideals that built America.

Display Coin Collections with Historic Grandeur

Transport your rare coins back to the era that shaped them with our premium wooden display cabinets. Built with care in the USA, our cases feature clean lines, rich finishes, and museum-quality materials to exhibit your coins as the treasures they are. Choose from black, white, or mahogany to complement your decor. Personalize with engraved text for a sophisticated, custom exhibit. Inside, soft fabric-lined shelves provide a dignified home to ancient hammered coins, vintage commemoratives, and more while preventing tarnishing. As devoted numismatists, we understand the significance of preserving these tangible ties to history. That is why our collectors’ displays are designed to showcase, secure, and honor treasured coin collections for generations to come. Let our cabinets become a time capsule where your coins can be admired in the very style and reverence they deserve.