Welcome to Chronicle Collectibles, your source for unique antiques, collectibles, DIY products, handmade jewelry, and coins. We are a small family-owned business based in Dallas, Texas that is passionate about all things vintage, handcrafted, and collectible.

James Wilson

Our story begins in 2013 when we started Chronicle Collectibles, a company offering high-end licensed collectibles and props from blockbuster films. As the licensed collectibles industry grew, so did our business. We became known for our meticulously crafted replicas and statues from franchises like Jurassic Park, Star Wars, and Ghostbusters. Some of our most popular pieces included the T-Rex Rotunda Rex Statue and Hatching Baby Raptor Prop Replica from Jurassic Park.

After years of success in the licensed collectibles space, we decided to expand into antiques and vintage goods. We turned our passion for finding rare collectibles and hidden gems into Chronicle Collectibles as it exists today. Now our inventory spans a wide range of eclectic and historic items beyond cinema props.

At Chronicle Collectibles, you’ll discover a curated selection of furniture, decor, jewelry, glassware, coins, and more. We hand-pick quality antiques, mid-century classics, and noteworthy collectibles to give them a new life in your home or collection. You’ll also find DIY supplies and handmade artisan goods.

We believe each item has a story to tell. Our passion is preserving special pieces from the past while inspiring new tales of crafting and collecting. We hope this site provides a fun, unique shopping experience as you rediscover forgotten treasures. Please explore the shop, read our blog, and stay connected on social media. We look forward to serving as your destination for one-of-a-kind finds.