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Top Grade Super Clone of a Yacht Master II 44mm White Dial day date Rolex Watch

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so I'm trying to find out where I can sell a watch I acquired.  it's obviously not an authentic certified genuine rolex per say considering it's in my possession and it's my understanding someone like me,  an everyday normal working body, could not just walk into an actual Rolex store and purchase a Rolex like you could at a Walmart,  they can only be bought on the black market or by millionaires of course but anyways I'm trying to sell a watch and it's literally the exact replica of a Yacht-Master II 44mm White Dial day date Rolex down to a T (serial numbers and all)  I looked them up online and they sell anywhere from $2500 up to more than $3600 because of the grade of metal they're made with and the perfection of the markings and details.  I have listed this watch on atleast 6 different sites and apps and every one of them removed it, banned me, revoked my access, or violated me in some way even when I described it down to a t, explained the whole thing about it being a top grade super clone, no papers,  no authenticity guarantee,  I even offered and paid to ship it to a store to find out for myself because like I said,  if I have it there's no way I could get that lucky and it be real lol I am not try to break anyone's wallet, screw anyone over,  scam fraud, or lie and sell someone a counterfeit watch I am honestly just trying to get a little money together to get my 4 year old little boy into the CP (Cerebral Palsy) clinical program at children's hospital in Cincinnati,  Ohio.  I have quite a huge selection of items listed on FB marketplace but I just thought this would bring a little better luck at being able to save more than $40 to $100 at a time selling phones  and antique collectable items 1 at a time getting an actual sale once every couple months if I'm lucky if anyone knows where I would actually be able to list it without it being removed or me being shunned from existence please let me know,  or if anyone is or might know someone who could possibly even be interested in the watch themselves I'm open to any offers because at this point ANYTHING I can get is better than nothing and puts me closer to where I need to be to get the help my baby needs.  I've attached some pictures if I've done it correctly this is my first ever online post of any kind besides marketplace posts. if anyone can help or give me some advice  or maybe even just a point in the right direction all and any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks so much for your time have a great rest of your day...!!!

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