Do Chase ATMs give 1-dollar bills? Heading to the ATM and need some singles? Whether you’re grabbing a couple of bucks for parking, laundry, or just want exact change, getting $1 bills can be tricky depending on the ATM. If you bank with Chase, here’s a quick rundown on whether their ATMs distribute singles.

The short answer is: Sometimes. Certain Chase ATMs do dispense $1 bills, but it varies by location and machine. Below, we’ll go into more detail on where and how to find Chase ATMs that spit out singles.

Background on Chase’s ATM Cash Denominations

When it comes to withdrawing cash from an ATM, most people are accustomed to receiving $20 bills. However, depending on the specific ATM and its configuration, it is possible to receive different denominations, including $1 bills, at Chase ATMs.

Most Chase ATMs dispense $20s by default

By default, the majority of Chase ATMs are programmed to dispense $20 bills. This is the most common cash denomination used in ATMs across the country, as it allows users to withdraw larger amounts without requiring a significant number of bills.

It is convenient for both customers and the bank to have this default setting, as it reduces the need for ATM refills and maintenance.

Some machines can be configured to distribute $1 bills

However, there are specific Chase ATMs that can be configured to dispense $1 bills. These machines are typically found in areas where there is a higher demand for smaller denominations, such as in neighborhoods with many small businesses or where there is a preference for using cash for everyday transactions.

These ATMs offer customers the convenience of withdrawing smaller amounts, allowing for more precise spending or the ability to easily obtain $1 bills for specific purposes.

Cash denominations may vary by location

It’s important to note that the availability of $1 bills or other denominations can vary by location. Chase Bank operates a vast network of ATMs across the United States, and each branch may have different ATM configurations based on the needs of its customers.

Therefore, it is recommended to check with your local Chase branch or use the Chase ATM locator on their website to find out if any ATMs in your area dispense $1 bills.

How to Find Chase ATMs That Give $1 Bills

Do Chase ATMs Give 1-Dollar Bills

If you find yourself in need of $1 bills, you may be wondering if Chase ATMs can help you with that. While not all Chase ATMs dispense $1 bills, there are certain ways you can increase your chances of finding one that does.

Look for newer Chase machines in areas where small bills are needed

Chase has been gradually updating its ATM fleet, and newer machines are more likely to have the capability to dispense $1 bills. These machines are equipped with advanced features and are designed to cater to the needs of customers who require smaller denominations.

You may have better luck finding $1 bills at Chase ATMs located in areas where there is a higher demand for small bills, such as convenience stores, vending machine areas, or amusement parks.

Check standalone & drive-thru ATMs – may be more likely to have $1s

Standalone ATMs and drive-thru ATMs are often more accessible and convenient for customers, which is why Chase tends to stock them with a variety of bill denominations. These machines are frequently used by individuals who may require $1 bills for various purposes, such as tips, vending machines, or parking meters.

So, if you’re specifically looking for $1 bills, it may be worth checking these types of ATMs.

Use Chase’s ATM locator to search for machines dispersing $1 bills

To save time and effort, you can use Chase’s ATM locator tool to find ATMs that dispense $1 bills. Simply visit the Chase website or use the Chase mobile app and search for ATMs in your desired location.

While the tool may not provide specific information on which ATMs dispense $1 bills, it will give you an idea of the ATMs available in the area. You can then visit these ATMs and inquire about their bill dispensing options.

Remember, while Chase strives to meet the needs of its customers, not all ATMs will have $1 bills available. It is always a good idea to call ahead or check online to confirm if the ATM you plan to visit can provide $1 bills.

Tips for Getting Singles from a Chase ATM

Know your daily ATM cash withdrawal limit

Before heading to a Chase ATM in search of singles, it’s important to be aware of your daily cash withdrawal limit. This limit can vary depending on your account type and banking relationship with Chase.

To avoid any surprises, check your account details or consult with a Chase representative to find out your specific limit.

Request an odd cash amount ending in $1 to force singles

If you’re specifically looking for $1 bills from a Chase ATM, there’s a clever trick you can try. Instead of withdrawing a round amount, such as $20 or $40, try requesting an odd cash amount that ends in $1. For example, try withdrawing $21 or $31.

While there’s no guarantee that this method will always work, many people have reported success in receiving $1 bills using this technique.

Visit branches in downtowns, colleges, or near transit hubs

If you’re determined to get your hands on some singles from a Chase ATM, consider visiting branches located in downtown areas, near college campuses, or close to transit hubs. These locations tend to have higher foot traffic and may have a greater demand for smaller denominations.

While this isn’t a foolproof method, it increases your chances of finding ATMs that dispense $1 bills.

Other Ways to Get $1 Bills from Chase

Withdraw cash back at merchants when making debit purchases

If you need $1 bills, one convenient way to get them is by withdrawing cash back at merchants when making debit purchases. Many retailers offer this option, allowing you to request a specific amount of cash back, including $1 bills.

Simply purchase with your Chase debit card and choose the cash-back option. Remember to specify that you would like the cashback in $1 bills, and the cashier will provide you with the requested amount.

Visit a Chase branch to request $1 bills at the teller

If you prefer a more traditional method, you can visit a Chase branch and request $1 bills at the teller. Simply go to the counter and explain that you need $1 bills. The teller will assist you in obtaining the desired amount.

This option is especially useful if you need a large quantity of $1 bills for specific purposes, such as vending machines or events that require small denomination currency.

Exchange $20 bills for $1 bills inside branches

If you already have larger bills, such as $20 bills, you can exchange them for $1 bills inside Chase branches. This option allows you to consolidate your larger bills into smaller denominations, making it easier to handle transactions that require $1 bills.

Head to a Chase branch, approach the teller and request to exchange your $20 bills for $1 bills. The teller will assist you in completing the transaction.

Remember, the availability of $1 bills may vary depending on the location and the specific branch. It’s always a good idea to call ahead or check the Chase website for any restrictions or limitations before visiting a branch.

Do Chase ATMs Give 1-Dollar Bills – Conclusion

While not all Chase ATMs distribute singles, you can often find ones that do if you know where to look. Focus your search on newer machines like standalone and drive-thrus, especially in areas where $1 bills are in high demand.

And don’t forget the other options for getting singles like cash back, tellers, and exchanging bills. With a bit of planning, you should be able to track down an ATM that will conveniently dispense those hard-to-find dollar bills.

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