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Terminator Genisys™ Quarter Scale Endoskeleton

Limited Run of 500 units.

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“I have been waiting for you.”

Chronicle Collectibles is proud to present the 1/4 scale Endoskeleton from Terminator Genisys™. The freestanding statue features the full body of the T-800 from the newest installment in the Terminator series and holds the enormous endorifle that the Skynet Army fights with in 2029 during the Future War. This product was digitally printed directly from the files of Legacy Effects, the creator of the redesigned Endoskeleton for Genisys, and was posed and assembled at Chronicle Collectibles.

The eyes on the Endoskeleton do light up with a flip of a switch inside the skull, right where the brain chip would be. This battery-operated feature is perfectly hidden through a blended removable cap for the switch and battery compartment to avoid distracting wires. The Endorifle is removable for shipping.

***Thank you to all of our patient customers that ordered this piece. They have arrived in our warehouse and we are doing our best to ship them out as quickly as possible. We would like to remind everyone that this piece had a US Domestic shipping cost of $60 included in the price when it was originally up from pre-order. Therefore, US Domestic customers will not owe any additional shipping costs. For our International customers, please understand that there may be additional shipping cost for this piece, as we originally stated during pre-order. When we send your shipping quotes, they will already have your $60 shipping credit extracted from the quote. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to everyone receiving their units!***

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22″ tall (including base) x 9″ wide x 16″ deep