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Stargate™ Horus

Limited Run of 50 units

Made in the USA

“So you think you’ve solved in fourteen days what they couldn’t solve in two years?”
– Lt. General W.O. West

Chronicle Collectibles is proud to present the second 1:1 helmet in the Stargate helmet series: the Stargate Horus Helmet. This was molded and cast from the screen-used Horus helmet to create this magnificent product. Much like Anubis, the Stargate Horus helmet is wired to have light up eyes and is made mostly from fiberglass to ensure that it is sturdy and durable.

The Stargate Horus helmet is limited to 50 units because they will be manufactured in-house at Chronicle Collectibles. These units will be hand numbered. These pieces are meant for display and will not be able to be worn.

Due to the size of this piece, these products ship in 3 boxes and two of them are quite large. Please expect shipping to be high.



Product Details

Helmet Dimensions

36” tall x 20” wide x 30” deep

Pyramid Base Dimensions

12” x 12” x 12”


Chronicle Collectibles


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