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RoboCop 2™ 1:1 Cain Helmet

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Limited Edition Size: 100 units

 “We’re going to make that mean something again.”

Cain was the third attempt by Dr. Juliette Faxx to recreate Delta City’s crime fighting former police officer, RoboCop, in the RoboCop 2 program. After the first two attempts ended in bloodshed, she decided to use the brain of the recently deceased drug kingpin, Cain, hoping his psychotic tendencies would give him the willpower to survive the transformation. Unfortunately, even after his brain was transferred to his new horrifying body, Cain was still highly addicted to Nuke, the drug that was terrorizing Delta City. Dr. Faxx mistakenly thought she could use this to her advantage.

This Cain Helmet was molded and cast directly from the Tippett Studios screen used 1:1 Cain Puppet from RoboCop 2. Frank Ippolito molded, cast and prototyped the Cain Helmet and Devin White sculpted, cast and painted the base. This piece shows how large the Cain masterpiece was. The Cain Helmet is cast in durable fiberglass and includes the detailed base pictured. At 26″x25″x17″, this product will ship bubble wrapped in packing peanuts.

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26″ long, 25″ wide and 17″ tall.


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