Syd Mead

Chronicle is thrilled to announce our partnership with visionary artist, Syd Mead. “The Syd Mead Legacy” will feature highlights of his career, including rarely-seen originals and unprecedented limited editions.

A leader in industrial and architectural design for over four decades, Syd has created a rich catalog of classic artworks, which he is sharing with Chronicle and collectors. Under Syd’s guidance, Chronicle will produce select subjects from his paintings, each represented in three-dimensions, for the first time.

You can’t think of the term, “futurist”, and not immediately associate it with a great Syd Mead design. If you just recalled the Spinner flying police car from Blade Runner®, you can thank Mr. Mead. Indeed, fans of popular culture are most familiar with films featuring his visions for “the world yet to come”.

Syd contributed a staggering quantity of design to sci-fi films and culture. His work for films includes the exquisite visual feast of Blade Runner® (1982), 2010: The Year We Make Contact® (1984), Aliens® (1986), Tron® (1982), Star Trek: The Motion Picture® (1979), Mission: Impossible 3® (2006), Elysium® (2013), and more. Pop culture fans also know his work through his mecha and futurist designs for anime, such as Yamato 2520® and Turn A Gundam®.

Syd has run his own design studio, Syd Mead, Inc., since 1970. The quality and longevity of his performance as a ground-breaking designer in the automotive, industrial, and entertainment industries have gained him world-wide renown among his fellow creatives and collectors.

Syd’s experience has also made him a sought-after instructor and guest speaker, who has influenced untold numbers of artists. With Chronicle’s collaborative editions, Syd will have a new venue to connect with the collectors of his art.

“There are more people in the world who make things than there are people who think of things to make.”- Syd Mead