Is Dollar Shave Club still in business? If you’re looking for a convenient way to get high-quality razors and grooming products delivered regularly at a fraction of the drugstore price, you may be wondering if Dollar Shave Club is still around in 2023.

The short answer is yes – Dollar Shave Club is alive and kicking despite being acquired by Unilever in 2016.

Dollar Shave Club burst onto the scene in 2011 as a subscription service that revolutionized the shaving industry. By delivering excellent razors and grooming products directly to consumers for just a few dollars, Dollar Shave Club disrupted the market dominated by brands like Gillette and Schick.

So is the trailblazing brand still making waves in 2023? Let’s take a closer look at what Dollar Shave Club is up to now.

A Brief History of Dollar Shave Club

Is Dollar Shave Club Still In Business In 2023?

Founded in 2011 with viral video

Dollar Shave Club burst onto the scene in 2011 with a viral video that took the internet by storm. The video, titled “Our Blades Are F***ing Great,” introduced the world to the company’s innovative subscription-based model for delivering razors and other grooming products directly to consumers’ doorsteps.

The witty and irreverent video quickly gained millions of views and helped establish Dollar Shave Club as a major player in the shaving industry.

Acquired by Unilever in 2016

In 2016, Dollar Shave Club made headlines again when it was acquired by consumer goods giant Unilever for a reported $1 billion. The acquisition was a testament to the success and disruptive impact of the company’s direct-to-consumer business model.

By offering high-quality razors at affordable prices and eliminating the need for consumers to visit physical stores, Dollar Shave Club has shaken up the traditional shaving industry and attracted the attention of industry leaders like Unilever.

Continued growth and expansion after acquisition

Since its acquisition by Unilever, Dollar Shave Club has continued to experience remarkable growth and expansion. The company has expanded its product offerings beyond just razors to include a wide range of grooming and personal care products.

With a loyal customer base and a strong online presence, Dollar Shave Club has been able to maintain its position as a leader in the shaving industry.

According to a recent report, Dollar Shave Club currently has over 3 million active subscribers and has seen a year-over-year revenue growth of 25%. This impressive growth is a testament to the company’s ability to adapt to changing consumer preferences and deliver high-quality products at affordable prices.

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Dollar Shave Club’s Offerings in 2023

As of 2023, Dollar Shave Club continues to thrive in the market with its wide range of offerings. The company, known for its convenient and affordable subscription-based model, has expanded its product line to cater to the grooming needs of its customers.

Let’s take a closer look at what Dollar Shave Club has to offer:

Razors and blades

Dollar Shave Club continues to be a popular choice for those looking for high-quality razors and blades. Their subscription service allows customers to receive a fresh supply of razors and blades regularly, ensuring a clean and smooth shave every time.

With a variety of options to choose from, including different blade types and handle designs, Dollar Shave Club caters to the diverse preferences of its customers.

Shaving products

In addition to razors and blades, Dollar Shave Club offers a range of shaving products to enhance the shaving experience. From shaving cream and gels to aftershave lotions and balms, their products are designed to provide a comfortable and refreshing shave.

These products are formulated with high-quality ingredients to prevent irritation and leave the skin feeling nourished.

Hair and skin products

Dollar Shave Club understands the importance of overall grooming, which is why they have expanded their product line to include hair and skin care products. Customers can now find a variety of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products to keep their hair looking great.

Additionally, the brand offers a range of moisturizers, cleansers, and serums to take care of the skin, ensuring a healthy and radiant complexion.

Oral care

Recognizing the significance of oral hygiene, Dollar Shave Club has also ventured into the oral care market. They offer a selection of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwashes to help customers maintain a healthy smile.

These products are designed to effectively clean and protect teeth and gums, promoting good oral health.

Shower products

Dollar Shave Club recognizes that personal care extends beyond shaving, which is why they have introduced a range of shower products. From body washes and soaps to body lotions and scrubs, their shower products are designed to provide a refreshing and invigorating experience.

These products are formulated with nourishing ingredients that cleanse and moisturize the skin, leaving it feeling soft and rejuvenated.

Dollar Shave Club’s Business Model

If you’re wondering whether Dollar Shave Club is still in business in 2023, the answer is a resounding yes! Since its founding in 2011, Dollar Shave Club has revolutionized the way people buy shaving products.

Let’s take a closer look at their innovative business model that has made them a household name.

Subscription-based direct-to-consumer model

One of the key reasons for Dollar Shave Club’s success is its subscription-based direct-to-consumer model. Customers can sign up for a monthly subscription and have high-quality razors and grooming products delivered straight to their door.

This convenient and hassle-free approach has appealed to busy individuals who value both time and money.

Tiered pricing structure

Dollar Shave Club offers a tiered pricing structure that caters to a wide range of budget and shaving needs. Customers can choose from different subscription plans based on the number of blades and additional grooming products they desire.

This flexibility ensures that there is an option for everyone, whether they prefer a basic razor or a more comprehensive grooming experience.

Quality products at mass market prices

Despite offering high-quality products, Dollar Shave Club manages to keep its prices affordable. By cutting out the middleman and selling directly to consumers, they can offer razors and grooming products at prices that are often lower than traditional retail stores.

This has greatly appealed to consumers who want top-notch products without breaking the bank.

Strong branding and marketing

Dollar Shave Club’s success can also be attributed to its strong branding and marketing efforts. From their viral launch video to their witty and relatable advertisements, they have successfully captured the attention of consumers.

Their clever and humorous approach has helped them stand out in a crowded market and build a loyal customer base.

With its subscription-based direct-to-consumer model, tiered pricing structure, quality products at mass market prices, and strong branding and marketing, Dollar Shave Club continues to thrive in 2023.

They have not only disrupted the shaving industry but also set a benchmark for other companies looking to innovate their business models.

Why Dollar Shave Club Succeeded

Disrupted the razor market

Dollar Shave Club’s success can be attributed to its disruptive approach to the razor market. In the past, purchasing razors was an expensive and inconvenient process, with limited options available. Dollar Shave Club changed the game by offering high-quality razors at affordable prices, directly to consumers.

This direct-to-consumer model allowed them to cut out the middleman and offer significant cost savings to their customers. They challenged the traditional razor industry by offering a subscription service that delivered razors right to the customer’s doorstep, eliminating the need for trips to the store.

This disruption in the market quickly gained attention and attracted a large customer base.

Offered convenience and price savings

One of the key reasons for Dollar Shave Club’s success was its ability to offer convenience and price savings to its customers. By offering a subscription-based model, customers no longer had to worry about running out of razors or making last-minute trips to the store.

The club allowed customers to customize their subscription based on their shaving needs, ensuring they always had an adequate supply of razors on hand. Additionally, Dollar Shave Club’s razors were priced significantly lower than those of traditional brands, making it an appealing option for cost-conscious consumers.

The combination of convenience and price savings made Dollar Shave Club an attractive choice for many.

Leveraged online video and social media marketing

Dollar Shave Club’s clever marketing strategies played a significant role in its success. The company gained widespread attention through its viral online video, which showcased its unique value proposition humorously and memorably.

This video garnered millions of views and generated buzz around the brand. In addition to video marketing, Dollar Shave Club also leveraged social media platforms to engage with its audience and spread its message.

By creating engaging content and actively interacting with customers, Dollar Shave Club built a strong online presence and fostered a loyal community of followers.

Expanded product selection

As Dollar Shave Club established itself as a leader in the razor market, the company expanded its product selection beyond just razors. They began offering a range of grooming and personal care products, including shaving creams, post-shave balms, and even hair care items.

This expansion allowed Dollar Shave Club to cater to a broader audience and become a one-stop shop for men’s grooming needs. By diversifying its product portfolio, Dollar Shave Club was able to increase customer loyalty and revenue.

The Impact of the Unilever Acquisition

When Unilever acquired Dollar Shave Club in 2016, many wondered how this would affect the popular shaving subscription service. Now, in 2023, we can see that the acquisition has had a significant impact on Dollar Shave Club’s growth and success.

Gained global distribution capabilities

One of the major benefits of the Unilever acquisition was that it provided Dollar Shave Club with access to Unilever’s extensive global distribution network. This allowed the company to expand its reach and offer its products to customers around the world.

With Unilever’s support, Dollar Shave Club was able to quickly establish a presence in new markets and increase its customer base.

According to a report by Statista, Dollar Shave Club’s international sales grew by 45% in the first year after the acquisition, and have continued to increase steadily since then. This demonstrates the positive impact that the acquisition had on the company’s ability to reach a global audience.

Expanded into retail

Another significant outcome of the Unilever acquisition was Dollar Shave Club’s expansion into retail. Before the acquisition, the company primarily operated as a direct-to-consumer subscription service.

However, with Unilever’s resources and expertise, Dollar Shave Club was able to successfully transition into brick-and-mortar stores.

By 2023, Dollar Shave Club products can be found on the shelves of major retailers worldwide, including Walmart, Target, and Boots. This expansion into retail has allowed the company to reach a wider customer base and increase its brand visibility.

Maintained startup culture and agility

Despite being acquired by a large multinational corporation, Dollar Shave Club has managed to maintain its startup culture and agility. The company continues to innovate and launch new products that cater to the evolving needs of its customers.

By staying true to its roots, Dollar Shave Club has been able to differentiate itself from its competitors and remain a leader in the shaving industry. The company’s ability to adapt quickly to market changes and customer demands has been instrumental in its continued success.

According to a survey conducted by Forbes, 85% of Dollar Shave Club customers are satisfied with the company’s product offerings and appreciate its innovative approach to shaving. This high level of customer satisfaction is a testament to Dollar Shave Club’s ability to maintain its startup culture and agility even after the acquisition.

Is Dollar Shave Club Still In Business In 2023 – Conclusion

In the decade since its founding, Dollar Shave Club has shaken up the men’s grooming market and established itself as a leading brand. The acquisition by Unilever gave Dollar Shave Club the resources to expand while preserving its scrappy identity and direct business model.

So rest assured, Dollar Shave Club continues offering convenient subscriptions for high-quality razors and other grooming products at affordable prices in 2023 and beyond.

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