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[Solved] 1976-s 25cent bicentennial issue series 39pr, coin 30

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Looking for value of this coin and i have as well 2002-s and 1978-s


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Hello, thank you for your question. I can't answer you correctly if I don't know the condition, and I don't see the images of these coins. However, I can provide you with some general information. Most quarters are worth their face value if they are circulated, those that are in uncirculated condition can go from $2 and above depending on the grade if they have any unique error, the material they are made of, mintage volume, and the mint mark. Since you particularly ask for the S mint mark coins, these are proof coins, now the value can vary since they can be Prooflike (PL), Deep Mirror Prooflike (DMPL), Cameo (CAM) & Deep Cameo (DCAM).

In the case of the 1976-S 25c with grade PR39, it means that your coin is an Impaired Proof coin. This means that it shows signs of circulation or some damages that are not caused during production, for instance, the coin wasn't stored properly. These coins are not included alongside circulated coins since they were never issued or intended for circulation in the first place. Considering, they are made with 40% silver in content I guess you can get at least $5 for it.

Now the 2002-S and 1978-S quarters. For 2002 coins we need information about which particular S series you are talking about, these are Statehood quarters and there are 5 of them - Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, and Mississippi. Each one has a different price range but let's say that the average price is from 0.25 to $15. For 1978-S coin the average price is around $5.

We can further discuss if you have any images and have more precise information 🙂 .

Impaired Proof
turysta Topic starter 20/11/2023 4:14 pm
turysta Topic starter 20/11/2023 4:16 pm

@teodora , Hi please find enclosed pics


I believe this is the CLAD-proof variety, right? Or do you have the silver-proof variety with 40% silver content?

turysta Topic starter 28/11/2023 3:40 pm

@teodora , I have no clue no paper confirming silver content, is there a way to check it any special markings ?


Since there are regular copper-nickel clad-proof coins as well, you'll need to check the edge of the coin. If you see it has a reddish or brownish stripe around its circumference, like all US dimes and quarters in circulation then it's clad-proof. However, if it has a light gray stripe, then it's a 40% silver coin. In case, it is all the same color with no visible stripe someone may have plated the coin. 

turysta Topic starter 28/11/2023 4:15 pm

@teodora , clad proof


Clad-proof coins go from a few tens of dollars to a few thousand, but that depends on the market trends, grade, etc. Here you can see some of the sold price ranges -

You should probably consult with some reputable coin dealers and appraisers such as PCGS and NGC if you are interested in finding out the actual price tag on your coin.

turysta Topic starter 28/11/2023 5:26 pm

@teodora , thank you for information and guidance


You are welcome @turysta glad that I can help at least a bit. Fingers crossed that your coin gets a good price!