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[Solved] 1976 $2 Bill

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Is this $2 valuable, or is it just worth $2?

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Hello, thank you for your question. As I can see from the images this bill is in a fine condition. Since these bills aren't rare, their value isn't high, unfortunately. Most circulated bills, just like yours are valued to be worth from $2 to $5, depending on the condition. On the other hand, uncirculated bills are around $10. The more valuable specimens are the ones with printing errors or unique features like fancy serial numbers (radar serial numbers, repeaters, super repeaters, low serial numbers, extremely high serial numbers, etc.), and star notes. 

Your $2 bill has a serial number that starts with 1, which means it was printed in earlier stages, however, when we talk about low serial numbers that are sought-after collectors those are combinations that start with five or more consecutive zeros. Other examples of highly-prized serial numbers include “solids” which is when all the numbers are the same, like 4444444444, or “ladders” where the serial number is sequential, like 12345678910.

I hope this answer will help you understand the value of your bill more precisely.