It’s no secret that Denver is known for many things that could spark your interest. Starting from craft breweries and Denver Nuggets to the Rocky Mountains, rich cultural heritage, and much more, Denver offers a unique experience to anyone who visits it no matter where they are coming from. However, what many people may not know well enough, Denver offers a wide selection of flea markets and antique stores that are worth visiting by anyone passionate about everything vintage and antique.

Planning an antique shopping tour is not easy, especially if you’re visiting a state or a city that is known for a wide variety of antique items. Some people like to just window browse and admire the furniture and collectible items while absorbing knowledge about them.

However, some people are serious about their antique hunting. Some people want to collect something like mugs or cups, war medals, toys, and much more, while others would like to decorate their homes with something to remind them of their culture and history, as well the history of other countries and continents.

Some people visit Denver just for some little garage sale or antique flea markets and to get the items they need. On the other hand, some people reserve at least 1 week to visit all the antique shops that may offer something valuable to them.

It’s a whole process that requires patience and preparation, because not always will you come across what you’re exactly looking for, and it might be difficult to hunt for antiques if you’re looking for some specific items. That’s why we wrote this guide and a list of the best antique stores in Denver.

It’s interesting to note that this city has an entire antiquing district, but we’ll thoroughly explore the 10 best antique stores in Denver and educate you on what to focus on when buying antiques as well as what popular items can be found in Denver the most.

Continue reading, and keep in mind, you’ll find anything and everything in Denver, from small, hidden jewels of the antiques to super-large antique stores.

Most Popular Antique Stores in Denver

As mentioned earlier, many antique stores in Denver are worth visiting. Below we detailed the best antique stores in Denver with the richest offer and most hospitable owners. Make sure to check them out on your visit to Denver.

The Annex Antiques & Interiors

If you’re looking for a well-equipped antique store with a lovely and knowledgeable staff you’ve come to the right place. The advertising game of this antique store may not be its strongest side, but once you visit them, you’ll understand why they don’t need one.

Up until recently, they’ve had a very well-designed website. However, it appears that they no longer need or use it. They are not active on Instagram, but according to the Facebook offer, as well as the regular reviews and compliments by recent visitors, you’ll see that it’s a great place to be visited.

It’s an amazing place for both vintage and antique lovers. You’ll be pretty certain to find old furniture pieces such as old wooden chairs, bed frames, cabinets, and drawers, as well as apparel that was worn in the late 1800s and early 1900s, as well as jewelry and other ornaments.

The place is regularly restocked with the most authentic and unique antique pieces that will make every collector fall in love. The staff is amazingly kind and hospitable, and they have vast knowledge about every antique product that they have. In the store, you can also find old typewriters and older editions of some really old books, that every bookworm will appreciate.

The Annex Antiques & Interiors

The Shop

The shop is the right shop if you’re looking to revisit the old fashion of your vintage ancestors, as well as those antique ones. You will find everything you’re looking to find at the shop, but what’s amazing about it is that you’ll enjoy some of the most fashionable apparel pieces that you can find in the whole of Denver.

The website is very nicely designed, which will excite every vintage enthusiast who’s looking to get all the information you can get about this vintage store. There is a small gallery that allows you to have a sneak peek at the offer they have at the store. However, what’s even better is that there’s an Instagram page that is extremely well-maintained.

The page is very aesthetic, and the owners are keeping it up to date by sharing all the garage sales, new offers, new arrivals, and much more. The staff is also quite helpful and courteous. If there’s not something you’re exactly looking for, they’re going to suggest some alternatives that can be of great help.

Aside from clothes, you can find other things like jewelry, wicker woven furniture, wooden furniture, and another type of vintage and antique decorations.

The Shop

South Platte Trading Co.

South Platte Trading Co. is a place that is the perfect example of the popular saying “one size fits all.” Although it’s a gigantic store that specializes in selling antique furniture, you can find an ornament or a decoration for absolutely everything.

The company has a website that has been developed to the smallest details, and it’s being updated regularly so that people who aren’t sure whether they want to visit Denver for a dedicated antique hunt can decide whether it’s worth the visit. Everything is sorted out in categories, so you can decide what you will dedicate your time to and what type of furniture you’re looking to buy.

On their Instagram page, they’re also quite active, and if you do get the courage to visit, you better plan out several hours, if not the whole day to enjoy all the offers. You can find everything from small, thin, large, tall, and thick cabinets and wardrobes with different designs and etchings, to woven chairs, with etched embroidery, fashion mannequins, jewelry, and much more.

The staff is also there to educate you on everything you need to know about the history of certain pieces, as well as suggest similar products to what you’re looking for. The service is amazing, and the prices are also quite reasonable.

South Platte Trading Co.

Antique Exchange Co-Op

Antique Exchange Co-Op is one of the Antique Row stores that you can visit in Denver, and it’s definitely going to be a fun visit if you’re looking to learn the history of each piece you’re interested in thanks to the staff members who are always looking to help and provide amazing service.

There are a lot of different collections that are worth checking. The place is huge and abundant with various collectible pieces from the USA, Europe, and even China. You can find collectible items that are made out of brass, silver, gold, and much more. Expect to find items like chairs covered in nice embroidery and artistic print, tables, cabinets, drawers, beds, and much more.

In addition to that you can hope to discover cutlery, vases, some clothing and jewelry pieces and another type of cutlery and decorations. If you’re in the luck, you may even discover some old photographs and paintings, but be cautious, those are always the first to go, so they won’t always be available.

The staff is always willing to provide a good price on truly worthy items, but don’t haggle too much. Trust us, even though this place doesn’t have a strong social media presence the items you’ll come across will take you hours to give it justice.

Antique Exchange Co-Op

Antiques Etc.

At first sight, Antiques Etc. doesn’t look like a typical antique store that you’ll normally find at the heart of Denver. It’s rather a second-hand store where you can find clothing and footwear that is leaning towards vintage. However, if you delve deeper into the store, you’ll see a nicely cluttered vintage store with various antique touches and details.

That being said, you’ll be able to discover antique furniture such as chairs, woven chairs, ottomans, wardrobes and cabinets, and much more. Another interesting point of the place makes the nicely woven rugs, carpets, paintings, photographs, and much more.

The Instagram page of the store is extremely well organized, so you may be even able to discover new ideas on how to decorate your place once you get the new furniture pieces. You can also ask the staff for help, as they’re very helpful and courteous, and they’re also going to pitch you a price that you’ll love.

Antiques Etc.

Hampden Street Antique Market

Hampden Street Antique Market is a place for every collector who loves the ambiance of a street and flea market. The vibe and positivity, as well as the high haggle energy, will bring even the pickiest collectors. However, if you’re a collector, you won’t regret coming here as it’s a place with a huge variety, and perhaps one of the best street antique markets that we’ve been at.

As we mentioned earlier, there’s a huge variety, so expect to find antique photographs, vases, clothing, jewelry, vinyl records, and more. However, if you’re a fan of older collectibles, you’ll be able to find old stylish fashion pieces from the 1800s and 1900s.

Another thing worth mentioning is the gramophone and cameras. There are also a lot of paintings, and some of them are the original of some more known artists. That being said, this place is ideal if you’re an artist and looking for artsy collectibles. The staff and sellers are also quite helpful and will provide great prices.

Hampden Street Antique Market

Tennyson Street Warehouse

Tennyson Street Warehouse is a vintage and antique store that you don’t want to visit on your antiques hunt in Denver. It’s filled with various items that will make every collector drool. It’s also an ideal place if you’re looking to decorate your living room, lounge, garden, or bedroom, packed with furniture such as creative and large cabinets, chairs, tables, shelves, and much more.

You’ll be able to find smaller items such as cutlery, paintings, photographs, lamps, typewriters, and much more. If you’re looking for something particular, it’d be best to act as someone from the staff. They’re extremely helpful and know how to provide outstanding service.

You can find a piece of furniture of your choosing and although they don’t have an official website, you can message them through their Instagram page where they regularly post information about new arrivals as well as all the garage sales and other types of events that may interest you. This place is worth visiting because you’ll never know what you truly need, and this store is packed with true treasure.

Tennyson Street Warehouse

Art District Antiques

Not everyone comes to explicitly shop at antique markets and stores, some people visit simply looking for inspiration on how they could decorate their house or apartment. If you’re feeling extra creative, but want to find some interesting items to add to your collection, Art District Antiques is the right place to visit.

There you will find various items that can be made into your collection, as well as items that could serve as a nice combination of rustic and modern in your artisan apartment. You’ll find everything from small cabinets such as night cabinets and large, polished wardrobes, to small tables, rocking chairs, armchairs, and much more.

There’s also a lot of decorative cutlery such as knives, forks and knives, plates, bowls, cups, and much more. You will be able to find sculpted lamps, sculptures, paintings, and photographs, as well as small collectibles like jewelry, medals, and another type of ornaments.

Another great thing about this store is that the owners and staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They provide a great service and all the necessary information about the item’s origin and history.

Art District Antiques

Types of Antiques Sold in Denver

Denver has an abundance of authentic and original antique items. Let’s take a look at the most commonly seen antique goods and collectibles sold in Denver.

  • Furniture: Out of all items, there’s the most furniture compared to anything else. In Denver, you can find various wooden items such as cabinets, bookshelves, night tables, dining tables, and writing desks made of a combination of oak and metal. All items have creative carvings that add up to their value.
  • Cutlery: If you’re looking for a decoration for your kitchen and dining room and a more rustic approach, then you have to look at the unique cutlery designs sold in Denver. Besides the cutlery sets, you should check the cup and plate sets and creative textures that will inspire you to decorate your home.
  • Vases: You can find a variety of different vases, with carvings, floral artwork, and golden touches. They originate from the USA, Europe, India, and China and will make an exquisite piece of your collection.
  • Jewelry: Different types of jewelry can be found in Denver stores. Besides the regular earring and necklace sets, you can also find rings, other fashion ornaments, and even medals of honor.
  • Art: You will be able to discover various pictures and paintings in Denver. Additionally, the pottery also makes an important and popular antique artifact of Denver. For collectors, some vintage and antique cameras can also be found.

Tips to Consider When Shopping in Antique Stores in Denver

Shopping for antiques in Denver is more than just an exciting and fun experience. However, for those who have started exploring for treasure recently, it can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips that will make the shopping process easier.

Researching the Best Prices

Before going on your trip to Denver, it’s always good to explore the different price ranges of different items. Objectively, you should already know the value of the item you want to buy, but depending on the antique dealer and offer, that price may fluctuate a bit up and down.

A lot of antique sellers in Denver have their websites and social media, so you can ask them in advance how much a certain item costs. Alternatively, some even have Etsy and eBay stores so you can check from there how much is the price, or what is the bid on the auction.

There are endless possibilities. Going prepared is always better than dropping by a random Denver antique store and seeing that prices are nothing as you imagined.


Antique items are fragile, and some sellers won’t sell the unique piece. Instead, they’ll develop a few copies which while they look great, don’t live up to their name and don’t provide the same historical value that the original provides.

Some people who are looking for home décor and don’t care much about what’s the origin of a certain item, as long as it looks good in their home, they might consider taking a duplicate. On the other hand, some people value originals more and are ready to pay more for authentic items.

Ask the seller about all the information you need to know in order to decide whether the goods are good enough for you. Some people bring a professional appraiser with them so that they can tell for sure that the item is unique.


Antique sellers are nearly always open to negotiations and bargaining. However, it’s worth noting that chances are higher in open antique markets or malls because sellers are in smaller kiosks and stores and they know the competition is vast.

In smaller stores, chances to get a discount for a certain item are lower, but if you polish up your negotiation skills and perhaps bring an appraiser you’d be better at appraising because the person who’s helping you has better knowledge about the actual auction prices of certain collectibles.

Payment with Cash

Although many antique stores became very modern and even developed their own websites with online stores, not all of them will accept credit cards. That’s why it’s best to bring cash with you and be prepared for transporting large furniture home, especially if you live in another state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about the antique shopping experience in Denver.

What is the Antique Capital of Colorado?

Florence, Colorado is considered the ultimate capital of all antique goods. There are many antique shops and malls there and a unique selection of goods. Nevertheless, Denver is also a great place to browse antique goods. If you’re planning to go on a treasure hunt across Colorado, we definitely recommend visiting both Florence and Denver and seeing what goods you can find in each city.

Is Denver Worth Coming to for Shopping Antique Goods?

Denver is definitely worth coming to for shopping vintage and antique goods. There are a lot of different items that you can pick, and it’s simply a paradise for collectors who are looking to start a collection that is closely tied to Denver.

For homeowners, there are also a lot of great items that you can pick to decorate your house or apartment. Starting from mid-century modern rugs, blankets, and much more to rustic paintings, vases, and cutlery.

Many people prefer having antique cutlery because of the cottage-core feeling of coziness and belonging that it gives them. Whatever may be the case, there is a lot of antique furniture that you can consider for your home in Denver.

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