Las Vegas, also known as the city of sin is all about nightlife, parties, surprise weddings, gambling, and neon lights. If someone would tell you that they are traveling to do some shopping in Vegas you probably wouldn’t believe them because people only shop there as they’re already there either raiding casinos, expensive liquor, or spending thousands on secret weddings with a person they just met. Still, not many people know that there’s more to this city of sin and neon lights than just nightlife, and it’s definitely worth visiting during the day too.

What is Las Vegas known for other than casinos? There are a lot of attractions worth visiting, various malls, and events to be part of. However, what many people don’t know is that Las Vegas can provide a lot of fun experiences if you’re visiting it to shop for antique items.

Many people don’t know that Las Vegas has plenty of cool antique shops and malls. That’s because there’s a popular belief that things that get too old in Vegas either get repurposed or replaced. That’s not the case for every item because some antiques in Las Vegas are considered extremely valuable.

The inventory of various antique stores that can be found in Vegas is definitely worth seeing, as it’s promising and tells much more than a story about the city of sin. Even if you don’t find something that you want to purchase, it’s Vegas and it’s worth having fun there while hunting for antique treasure.

Be cautious, however, that Vegas is a busy city at all times of the year, which is why you should plan your trip carefully and make it count. In this article, we detailed a full list of the best antique stores worth visiting. This list will ensure you’ll discover antique items you didn’t know existed that will either enhance your existing collection or encourage you to start a new one, so let’s dive in!

Most Popular Antique Stores in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is thriving with both smaller antique stores led by families and large antique stores with hundreds of dealers. Continue reading to learn more about their offer and plan the antiques hunt to the Vegas of your dreams!

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

This list could neither start nor be complete without the legendary Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, where one of the more popular shows known as Pawn Shop has been playing. If you want to invest in coins, autographs, and other extremely valuable antiques and vintage items, this place is must visit.

Even if you don’t purchase anything, given that the price is not suitable for everyone’s wallet, it feels honorable to say that you visited this legendary place. The bustling vibe will take you by storm and you’ll enjoy spending time in one of the best shops for buying used and old collectibles.

What can you expect to find besides the coins, autographs, and other famed items? You can either book a private tour, where you’d be introduced to all the things that they’ve been collecting over the last years and give you their own offer. Still, if you feel adventurous, we say visit yourself. There is a great collection of old furniture waiting to be picked up, paintings, glassware, cutlery made out of silver and gold, and much, much more.

Many people have mixed opinions about the staff and prices, but you’re guaranteed to get the treatment you expect from a world-famous pawn shop.

Antique Stores in Las Vegas - Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

Charleston Antique Mall

Whether you’ve come to Vegas just for gambling, shopping, or a secret wedding, you have to visit the beautiful Charleston Antique Mall. It’s part of the huge Charleston Shopping Mall which has hundreds of stores of different products that may interest you. But, if you’re here just for this antique, this is a good place to start.

Nevertheless, you better dedicate a few hours of your time or even the entire day to visiting just this mall because it’s super-large. Luckily, it has a very well-designed website, as well as quite an active Instagram page, so you can contact the managers and see whether what they offer is aligned with what you’re looking for.

Regardless of everything, we’re sure that you’ll find something to your liking in this mall because it’s equipped with everything that would make the mouth of a collector water.

There are stores with antique furniture from the 19th century, chairs, the very first recliner chairs, pots, paintings of different genres and directions, cutlery, lamps, chandeliers, and much more. Small objects like brushes, mirrors, medals of honor, coins, and other collectibles will definitely spark your curiosity and collecting spirit.

Antique Stores in Las Vegas - Charleston Antique Mall

Antique Alley Mall

Antique Alley Mall contains everything antique, as its name suggests, and there’s no chance you will leave this place empty-handed. This is a very popular place, so if you want to get the most out of your hunting experience, you should come as soon as the shop opens.

This antique store is known for many things, many people leave it with a smile and return soon after to scavenge for new antique treasure. That’s not surprising because the staff is courteous, kind, and helpful and will do their best to recommend prices that are suitable for everyone’s pocket.

The antique store is equipped with its website, which even though it’s not a looker design-wise, contains all the necessary information about the items that are listed in the offer, as well as updates about the next sale day or a garage sale. There’s also an Instagram page where a lot of the product line is listed.

There are a lot of things that you can find there, starting from antique posters, music players, and mannequins, to various cutlery and glassware, boasting intricate and alluring designs that scream to be adopted into your collection. Furniture can also be found there, and even though it’s old, it looks authentic and of impeccable quality.

Antique Stores in Las Vegas - Antique Alley Mall

Main Street Peddlers Antique Mall

Even though this is an antique store like any other, it screams the heritage of Las Vegas and everything that it is. It’s not located much farther compared to the Antique Alley Mall, so you shouldn’t have a problem navigating from one place to another if you’re truly up to visiting all the good antique stores in Vegas.

This place is worth visiting for many reasons, and some of those reasons can be seen on the official website, as well as the quite active Instagram page. Still, if you love art, and want to decorate your house with vintage artwork or some antique sculptures, this place is definitely for you.

This place is all about art and pop culture, as well as the neon lights that Las Vegas is so known about. You will find the puppets from the Muppet Show, as well as Sesame Street. In addition to that, there are other stuffed toys as well as dolls that you can pick up, especially if your child or family member expressed a wish to collect antique dolls.

You can also find sculptures, pop art figures, sports dresses, masks, costumes, and various decorations, including Christmas and Easter decorations. The staff is also super-kind and knowledgeable, so don’t shy away from visiting, you can also get a great price if you purchase more items.

Antique Stores in Las Vegas - Main Street Peddlers Antique Mall

Las Vegas Antique Center

Whether you’re visiting only certain Las Vegas antique stores or going on a treasure hunt, you shouldn’t miss the Las Vegas Antique center, because the offer it contains is simply an adventure of its own, if you have the patience to browse through numerous collectible items and compete with other collectors that want a piece of that vast selection.

There’s a cool website that displays all the necessary information and news about the antique store. In addition to that, you should visit the offer on their Instagram page, although it’s worth mentioning that it’s locked and you should request to follow them first.

You will find varied items there, starting from wooden furniture to antique rugs, ornaments, curtains, and traditional clothes from different countries in Europe and Asia. Other items include toys, sculptures, ceramic figures, antique glassware, cutlery, and much more.

Every visit to this store feels personal and focused on what your wishes are and based on that the dealers will recommend you their best items. Some of the items are quite overpriced, but many other items have a very reasonable price.

Vintage Vegas Antiques

This antique store definitely knows how to nourish the Las Vegas culture. You will see that this antique store resembles some super-fancy bar, that is equipped with LED and neon lights to make you feel like you’re at some exclusive, prestigious private party.

The website may not look the best, but it contains a lot of information about the store that will help you organize your visit and make more time to visit this absolute jewel of an antique store. The store is quite spacious and you’ll be surprised by the growing offer of items that are put to display.

You will find various items there, starting from old antique furniture made out of woven wicker, oak, leather, and other materials. You will find sets of tables and chairs, old cabinets, drawers, and more. Large mirrors also improve the décor of the store, and you’ll also find cutlery, curtains, glassware, pop art figures, paintings, and much more.

The staff is very helpful and kind. They will introduce you to the different offers the shop has. Unfortunately, the offer is also quite expensive, which is typical of a large antique store at the heart of Las Vegas. While there, don’t forget to take a rest and unwind in a typical western-style bar that is part of the store.

Antique Stores in Las Vegas - Vintage Vegas Antiques

JJC Clocks & Antiques

This is an antique store that is specialized in repairing clocks and watches, but it also has an expansive display of vintage and antique clocks and watches. As a small antique store, it definitely feels more homey and welcoming compared to large and crowdy antique markets.

We believe that this is a small antique store with a soul, that you won’t easily find on social media and the internet because it doesn’t have a strong online presence. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop it from hosting an amazing offer of items that are certainly worth visiting.

When it comes to offers, watches, and clocks are what dominate in the store. With that in mind, you’re expected to see differently designed clocks with carvings and designs, as well as varying sizes. Besides the clocks, you can also find jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and much more.

The staff is friendly, and helpful and will teach you everything you need to know about shopping for antique items. There is also a fine selection of vintage dolls and figures that you will want to make a part of your décor collection for your home.

The Magical Metronome Antiques and More

The Magical Metronome Antiques and More is truly a magical name for an antique store that specializes in all sorts of products. It’s another small antique store led by a family business, and it has different items, although musical instruments and similar artsy items are more likely to be found.

We weren’t lucky in discovering more of their online presence, but they have an eBay store where you can take a look at the wide selection of products they sell. That’s good because that means you’ll be able to visit the online store and see whether this store is relevant to the type of items you’re looking for.

The wide selection of things includes musical instruments like guitars, mandolins, saxophones, violins, and other items. Smaller items like card decks, toys, figures and sculptures, and jewelry make important appearances on the shelves of this store. Fashion ornaments and old punk rock shirts are widely sought after by vintage fans.

The staff is good and always willing to help. The prices are also reasonable and in addition to that, you’re to receive a discount if you purchase more items.

Antique Mall of America

We saved one of the best antique stores for the end, and that is undoubtedly the Antique Mall of America, spanning over 43,000 square feet and hosting nearly 150 antique dealers. This is one of the places where you can get lost for hours and still ask for more.

It’s located in one of the most popular Las Vegas parts, with lots of markets that are happy to showcase their offer of antique and vintage items. If you visit the website or social networks, you will see that there’s an outstanding selection of collectibles, as well as get all the information necessary to have a complete day of effortless antique shopping.

When it comes to the offer that they are boasting, you can find anything from chairs made of woven wicker, leather, some other material with floral textures, wood, and different types of chairs at that, smaller and larger cabinets, shelves, and tables.

When it comes to décor you can see paintings, sculptures, pots, bowls, dishes including cutlery made out of silver and gold, and much more. There are various vintage items too, including toys, stuffed animals, vinyl records, photographs, cameras, and much more.

The dealers are truly kind and will recommend only the best products. Although it’s pricier than antique stores and markets in other cities and states, dealers will try their best to establish a reasonable price.

Antique Stores in Las Vegas - Antique Mall of America

Types of Antique Items You Can Find in Las Vegas

Here are all the types of furniture and other antique collectibles in Las Vegas.

  • Furniture: Wardrobes, cabinets, drawers, tables, and chairs of all sizes and shapes
  • Pop Culture: Board games, action figures, different types of dolls, stuffed animals
  • Cutlery: Porcelain and glassware, silver and gold
  • Phones: Old telephones from the times of its invention to vintage models
  • Clocks: All types of clocks of different sizes
  • Music instruments: guitars, mandolins, metronomes, blowing instruments, and more
  • Paintings: Paintings belonging to all artistic genres
  • Rugs: Rugs and carpets come from different countries and cultures
  • Books: cookbooks, classics, and magazines

Things to Focus on When Antique Shopping in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a big place to explore not just when it comes to antique shops but many other amenities. That’s why it’s important to know what to focus on when shopping.

Item Quality

Quality items are more authentic. However, if you’re new to shopping in antique stores, you may not always be good at recognizing items that have lost their shine. Unpleasant smells and moldy appearance are always red flags, but you should also take a look at things like wear, tear, discoloration, and any other detail that may indicate the item lost its initial quality and is worth less.


Most collectors are focusing mainly on items that are unique and authentic, but as we’re living in a faster pace community, such things are rare because either someone already owns them, or they’ve been recreated enough times to lose their authenticity.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to learn more about how to recognize unique items and distinguish them from copies. If you have a friend who is an appraiser, it’d be a good idea to bring them to your antique hunting trip and have them assist you in recognizing authentic labels and factory numbers.


Let’s be honest, antique pieces in Las Vegas are not cheap. The fact Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is located in Las Vegas says a lot that many antique stores will also feed off their popularity and pump up their prices.

Las Vegas has always been a place where people will shop for expensive vintage furniture and collectibles, but if you dig deep enough like us, you’re guaranteed to find some valuable items that are priced reasonably. Open markets are the best place for lower prices, especially because sellers are often open to negotiation.

Also, always make sure to keep track of the prices of items you’re looking for. There’s a chance that you will find the same item with a lower price tag when you’ve already bought it elsewhere twice as expensive.

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