Indianapolis is known for many things that attract various tourists and fans of different attractions. Let’s all agree that it’s primarily the racing capital in the world thanks to three racing events that it hosts – Indy 500, Brickyard 400, and the U.S. Grand Prix Formula One race. You can see that racing sports are quite popular in Indianapolis, but how about the treasure hunting sports? You’d be surprised to know about the antique stores and malls in Indianapolis and their offer.

Traveling to other cities or states to hunt antique items and collectibles can be extremely challenging, which is why a lot of people come up with a plan. Indianapolis has been known for its tenderloin, corn, museums, racing events, and much more, which is why collectible items that revolve around it are connected to it.

Planning can involve checking different online antique stores, especially those on Etsy and eBay, planning out the dates of the trip, the purpose of shopping for the antique items, and other related things. It’s no secret that Indiana has great antique markets and offers, but if you’re looking for the richest offer of antique goods then you should visit Indianapolis.

There are several extremely popular antique stores in Indianapolis, with some of them being in the business for more than 20 years. The rich historical heritage and legacy are what make Indianapolis the best place to visit in Indiana if you want to learn more about the vintage and antique offer.

There are several important historical buildings and monuments, which means that a lot of antique items were extracted from that place. Additionally, its antique market is thriving and continues to develop, especially in the open markets and stores.

Don’t worry, we’re going to touch upon those open markets in this article. Continue reading to learn about the most popular antique stores in Indianapolis, as well as what kind of offer you can expect if you’re a collector.

Most Popular Antique Stores in Indianapolis

Let’s dive in and see what are the most popular antique stores in Indianapolis and what offer they have. We’re sure you’re going to like the vintage and antique treasures shown below.

Midland Arts & Antiques Market

Midland Arts & Antiques Market is one of the largest antique malls and markets in Indianapolis, and should likely be your first station when you’re on a visit to Indianapolis on a treasure hunt.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a website where you can get more helpful information about how the whole market works and what’s its offer, but it has a very detailed and active Instagram page where new arrivals are being noted quickly.

When it comes to the total offer that Midland Arts & Antiques Market offers, there’s nothing that they don’t have.

Trust us that you’ll find anything from wooden cabinets, desks, tables, and different types of chairs, to the most gorgeous and breathtaking paintings and pictures, toys, sculptures, holiday decorations, and much more. You can also find fashion ornaments and jewelry, as well as mannequins for older vintage stores.

The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable about the history of Indianapolis and Indiana in general. That being said, you can expect to learn a lot of things while shopping for antiques. Make sure to dedicate a few hours to checking all the corners of the store, you never know what kind of treasure you’ll find.

Midland Arts & Antiques Market

Vintage 54 Collective Antique Art Gifts

Vintage 54 Collective classifies rather as some kind of a vintage art gift shop than a large antique market that you may be used to. Nevertheless, it has an outstanding offer of huge variety. Besides, if you have a friend who’s into all things vintage, you can buy them a gift there. After all, who says that you can’t gift something vintage to yourself anyway.

They have a great offer, that spans different home décor items such as cutlery, paintings, pictures, posters, lamps, sculptures, vases of different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, and much more. The store is decorated in such a way that allows you to imagine the home décor of your furniture using products from this antique store.

Another thing that we also really like is that the staff is very pleasant and knowledgeable, not about vintage and antique items but about home décor. They will provide advice and tips and tricks on how you can preserve more space with new furniture and how to make your space brighter and feel more natural.

You won’t make a mistake if you visit this place, especially because the prices are very reasonable and approachable even to people who are restricted on budget.

Vintage 54 Collective Antique Art Gifts

SoBro Vintage Market Antiques & Curiosities

If you’re looking for a nice-looking vintage and antique market that has a laid-back ambiance and feels homey when you visit it, you came to the right place. SoBro Vintage Market offers an entirely new shopping experience for many reasons, and one of them is vintage events.

This market may not have a website, and the social media accounts are not so active. However, the Instagram account shows a small portion of their offer that is truly worth visiting. The owners often host events that feel classy and vintage, where everyone can take themselves back to the past to enjoy the vintage times they favor so much, but also get some discounts and refresh their antique collection with something new.

You can find various items, from furniture like wooden vaults, cabinets, chairs, tables, and beds, to home décor items like paintings, sculptures, creative clocks and lamps, and much more. The owners are very friendly and will help recommend the best items for your needs and collection.

SoBro Vintage Market Antiques & Curiosities

Architectural Antiques Of Indianapolis

Are you a fan of architecture? A lot of interior designers and architects are quite drawn by the Architectural Antiques of Indiana Polis antique store. It’s an interesting concept where collectors come and collect various goods that contribute to the home décor.

The items in this store are 50 to 100 years old, but there can be some exceptions too. The shop is also equipped with a swift and powerful website where you can learn more about the concept of the stores, as well as the rich offer of products they have. In addition to that, you can get informed about the various products that are being brought in as well as which products are discounted.

When it comes to the product offer, you can find everything, from small to tall shelves, cabinets, wardrobes, dining tables, and chairs, as well as small decorative items such as paintings, sculptures, boxes, lamps, chandeliers, cutlery, music instruments and much more.

The staff working in the store is quite helpful and are willing to share their knowledge and information about each product. That way you can also learn its origin and how it got to the store. The items are very creative, but those with a more unique look will also be more expensive.

Architectural Antiques Of Indianapolis

Antiques On The Corner

Antiques on the Corner is a small but sweet-looking antique store that will easily win your heart if you’re looking for small bits and pieces that can improve your home décor and refresh it despite them being old. The store is equipped with various products from the vintage era, but some collectibles are over 100 years old.

If you visit the website, you’ll see that everything is very nicely organized and that you can even contact the owners and get a quote. However, there’s only a gallery of items and no social media account where getting more information about what they own, new arrivals, and news would be much easier.

Nevertheless, the store has a vast collection of vases, bottles, paintings, small sculptures and decorations, candle holders, and other items that may catch your attention. If you’ve ever collected any of the aforementioned items, then you’re definitely going to love it here.

The owners, as well as the staff, are very courteous, helpful, and always willing to negotiate to get a price that is closer to your budget, which makes this place feel cozy, and homey and makes you want to return the first chance you get.

Antiques On The Corner

Tim & Company’s Another Fine Mess

Tim & Company’s Another Fine Mess may not look like your typical antique store. Instead, it has a completely different concept, which is more into repurposing old items, and salvaged parts that may help you repair something old that may have broken but you’re not ready to quite let it go.

The shop doesn’t have its official website, but the Instagram page is quite active. The owner posts daily about the various items that can be found there, including old hinges, door knobs, wheels, table legs, and more.

There are also other items to be considered other than repair parts. For example, the store has a large collection of vintage and antique doors which were repainted and polished to look as good as new. You can also get a duplicate of the antique doors that work better.

Besides that, you can see beautiful wicker woven chairs that will steal your heart. Additionally, there are chandeliers, trophies, sculptures, cutlery, and other items.

The staff is very helpful and courteous and will answer any inquiry you have. Make sure to come earlier as the place can be quite crowdy, as they don’t work every day.

Tim & Company's Another Fine Mess

Audrey’s Place

Audrey’s Place, at first sight, may not look like the place where you want to shop for antique goods. Just visiting the website gives you the impression that they’re just a furniture salon. However, if you decide to look at their social media and do some additional digging on your own you’ll see the rich offer of the antique treasury.

No need to do your own digging whatsoever, because we checked every corner of this store and loved the antique heritage and legacy it offers in Indianapolis. The social media page is full of interesting antique jewels that are worth a fortune and that many collectors would truly appreciate.

Of course, you can find various pieces of furniture such as tables, chairs, standing clocks, shelves, cabinets, and much more. However, you can also find small home décors items like wall clocks, sculptures, statues, lamps, cutlery sets with beautiful designs and textures, and much more.

Lastly, you can find small collectibles such as old coins, medals of honor, pots, glasses, and much more. It’s a pretty large salon, and if you’ll need any help, make sure to call the owners or staff who will be more than happy to assist you in the shopping process.

Audrey's Place

Roots to Wings

Roots to Wings Barn Market is the last antique store in Indianapolis that we reviewed as worth visiting, but don’t worry, it has a lot to offer, even though it’s the last on our list. It’s spanning on a large place which means there are a lot of categories to browse and discover new potential collectibles.

The store has a website that is categorized into different types of furniture which can help your research. Additionally, there is an Instagram page that shows all the new arrivals, as well as discounts and garage sales.

As mentioned earlier, you can browse different categories, so you can explore various wooden furniture, throw blankets, artworks, sculptures, wall décor, floral décor, and even more. This is perfect for people who are traveling from a different city and state and want to make sure that the store is open and offers what they’re looking for.

Nevertheless, the staff is going to assist you with everything you need and provide recommendations for items that are either the same or similar to what you’re looking for.

Roots to Wings

Types of Antiques Sold in Phoenix

Thanks to its rich history, you can find an abundance of different types of items found in Indianapolis. Some of the options can be found below.

  • Furniture: Wooden furniture like vaults, cabinets, shelves, chairs, and others can be found in Phoenix. Different colors, designs, and textures can make it tough to decide which piece of furniture is right for your home.
  • Home Décor: Different home décor can be found, such as throw blankets, picture frames, paintings, chandeliers and much more can be found in Indianapolis.
  • Music instruments: Interestingly, Indianapolis has a pretty rich collection of pianos, guitars, violins, saxophones, trumpets, and other instruments that may spark your curiosity.
  • Jewelry: Another popular type of antique item in Indianapolis include jewelry. You can explore different styles of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and many other interesting things.
  • Toys: Just like in every other state, pop culture and toys in particular are quite popular. That being said, you’re guaranteed to find plush toys, dolls, pop culture figures, and old board games.
  • Collectibles: When it comes to collectibles, there are plenty of things that you can find in Indianapolis. Some of those items include sculptures, medals of honor, coins, bottles, vases, and much more.

Tips & Tricks for Shopping at Antique Markets in Indianapolis

Shopping in explicit cities can be more difficult than organizing a trip that covers the entire state. However, it’s worth mentioning that some stores in Indiana are also worth visiting. Nevertheless, if you’re new to antique shopping, these tips will help you have an easier time.

Comparing the Prices

Some spots in Indianapolis may have matching products. Most of the time, their prices will either be the same or similar. But, what to do when the prices are vastly different? Comparing prices of two same items in different stores can save you a lot of money while shopping.

That’s why it’s important to remember the prices, or write them down when you begin shopping, that way you’ll be more effective at comparing the prices, with more approachable prices. If you find a more approachable price at a different vendor, you could ask them to reserve the item so you can pick it up later.

If you see that the vendor is open for negotiations, you can ask them to lower the price to that you saw in the other antique market. That’s why shopping at open markets and malls is better than visiting smaller antique stores, cause chances are prices are higher there.


Browsing authentic items can be a vast problem for people who don’t have any experience hunting for antique treasures. However, with a good appraiser, all those problems are easy to overcome. Vendors like to duplicate some types of furniture and then sell them as authentic, which is why it’s important to bring an appraiser if you’re not experienced.

In Indianapolis, most of the vendors we visited were very fair and open to negotiations. They’d happily admit if they are selling some piece that is not authentic, although it’s worth noting that those pieces that are authentic are quite expensive.


If you’re visiting a smaller, private antique store, negotiations can be quite difficult. However, such stores often organize garage sales and other types of discounts, so you can arrange with a seller to sell some items at a lower price. Nevertheless, some open markets are often hosting garage sales and are willing to drop the price, especially if you’re buying multiple products.

In some cases, it’d be good to bring your appraiser friend with you, if you have one because they will be able to recognize the true value of some items and help you break the price. Still, don’t try to drop the price too much, as you may offend the vendor.

Searching for Specific Items

Some people have certain goals when they’re shopping for certain items. However, to travel to Indianapolis looking for certain collectibles like bottles, musical instruments, or vases, you need to be properly prepared.

Many antique store owners have their own websites or Etsy stores, so browsing for specific items there can be much easier. That way, you can decide whether Indianapolis is even worth coming to if you’re looking for particular items.

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