Our name is new on the scene, but our background goes decades deep.  Chronicle is a company of collectors and prop makers with a shared vision of recreating and bringing Hollywood’s most iconic props to life.

Each member of the team has a depth of knowledge specific to the fields of science fiction, fine art, design, and marketing. Together, we deftly cover each facet with thorough, researched, and specific understanding. This familiarity has taken many years to acquire, but it is not stagnant. Such specialties cannot be complete without continuous updates and activity within these fields. We are proud of our individual specialists, and all that they accomplish as our team.

“It is one thing to read about films and the art process, and it’s another thing to have hands-on experience in them. Our team members are all professionals in their respective fields. They aren’t just familiar with theory, they produce results.” -Chronicle CEO Clay Brown

Our team believes in our products, and we stand behind it with more than words. We invest our time, our personal collections, and our own money to bring these products and original artworks to collectors, like you. The commitment to accurate, museum-quality products extends beyond our core team to our families who support, participate, and sacrifice, as we focus on our goal.

We are committed to authenticity and communication. We fly all over the world to conduct face-to-face meetings with our Licensors and Artists. We understand that in this day of technology and distance, nothing quite replaces the authenticity of being there. We aim to keep our products as true to the designers’ originals as possible. Sample checks in-person yield so much more insight, because the communication is direct and personal. Better samples make for better final products.

Further along the lines of authenticity and face-to-face, we bring artists to convention appearances, sometimes as a surprise, to reward the attendees of events. We want to support conventions, because they are one of the few means by which we maintain a tangible connection between artists and collectors. Personal appearances remind us all how wonderful and human these designs and film experiences truly are. Their works have touched our hearts, or made them pump faster, and it deepens the experience to meet these talented creators in person.

Our Quality Control team goes the distance. Our hand-picked factory and logistics benefit from further monitoring by our personal QC. Once again, our team puts out a better product, thanks to these efforts.

Team member Dr. Clay Brown is a serious collector of film memorabilia and art. He has operated his own business for nearly a decade. His Chronicle office team runs the day-to-days, arranges appearances, and seeks out the next film and art licenses and originals for your future collectibles.

Team member Leslie Buhler brings over 20 years of licensing professionalism to the company. Her experience has dominated in the sci-fi genre, covering the leading properties from studios worldwide. From the perspective of her extensive licensing portfolio, she understands our Licensors’ expectations and our collectors’ interests.

Design Excellence. Our expert Design team steps in wherever new product is being developed. Our full-time professional sculptors, painters, and graphic designers each excel in their fields of film FX, automotive, toy, and collectibles design. Each designer brings at least 20 years of professional art experience, individually, to this company. With our designers’ dual experience providing fine art direct to collectors, and producing commercial art on demand within licensor guidelines, we feel confident in our Design team to represent our vision.

Chronicle is dedicated to the vision of bringing Hollywood a little closer to you.