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Chronicle Collectibles Newsletter – March 1st

Chronicle Collectibles Newsletter – March 1st

Good afternoon from Dallas, TX!

To all of our wonderful customers that have ordered the Breakout T-Rex and Stegosaurus: these products have left the factory and are on the way to the US! We expect these to be delivered to our shop in Texas in the last two weeks of March. Please be patient with us as we do hand quality check each and every unit before it ships to our customers. Since there are close to 1200 customers between the Breakout and Stegosaurus orders, this will take some time. We know you are all anxious to get these beautiful products. If you ordered a Breakout T-Rex or a Stegosaurus, you can help us out by sending an email with your Name, Confirmed Shipping Address, and Contact Information to:

This will allow us to quickly send shipping invoices to expedite getting these units out to you. If you prefer a specific carrier (i.e. FedEx or UPS, or least expensive option) please let us know this information in your address email.

We want to thank everyone that pre-ordered our Jurassic Park Female 1:5 scale T-Rex Bust! This will be available at the special pre-order price of $650 until March 24th, then will return to the normal retail price of $750 after that date. We extend these special pre-order prices for our customers to try to offset shipping expenses and rewarding those who order early. If you haven’t seen our Female T-Rex Bust, check it out here!

We are getting many questions about shipping for the 1:1 Raptor Bust and the War Rocket Ajax. We do not have an accurate estimate for the size of these boxes yet, so we ask for your patience. As soon as we see our first samples of each of these, we will know more about the cost to ship these. Please understand that we are expecting shipping for both of these products to be very high. These are large products that need to be protected by all means necessary. As soon as we know more about the packaging, we will send out another newsletter to update you on estimates for these products.

Thank you to all of our Stargate Horus customers for your patience. It’s been a challenge to build these and we know you all are patiently waiting. We are still working on them and will get an update to you outside of the newsletter to give you more specifics for receiving these pieces.

We are happy to announce new products to keep a lookout for pre-order release dates in the next two months:
1) Jurassic Park Baby Raptors, designed for Crash McCreary’s concept artwork
2) Stargate 1:2 scale Anubis and Horus
3) Thulsa Doom 1:4 scale Statue

Stay updated through our social media links at the bottom of this newsletter for new product releases and shipping information. We appreciate your interest in our products!

Thank you!

One thought on “Chronicle Collectibles Newsletter – March 1st

  1. It took months to get him through Australian Customs “lost paperwork etc” and almost $400 AU in import duties, but he has finally arrived. And he was well worth the money, amazingly detailed and a very striking figurine with very very top notch manufacturing.

    I am very happy with my purchase and the customer service was very good “Heather was particularly helpful with my questions”, I would highly recommend purchasing this figurine as this is a true reproduction of the original go motion Cain robot from the movie in absolutely every detail.

    With Great thanks Wayne

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